Major Project Services

Bringing concepts to reality where ever your project may be

When large projects under development find that standard products don’t fit the design specifications or that they are limited due to budget constraints, it is then that innovation by SOLICO SKYLIGHTS with new or modified products makes the world of a difference. Solico is the #1 choice for developers and Architects with their national as well as international projects.

SOLICO SKYLIGHTS continually focuses all its resources on solving our customer’s unique needs. Special resources and services are provided to customers with large or complex projects, by our Large & Complex Projects Team (L&CPT) providing additional services to complement the standard products and services normally provided. Value-added services can include estimating, applications engineering, design engineering, project management, job specific testing, and fabrication.

1. Preliminary Design
From concept to detailed plans and budgets, L&CPT performs a wide range of services in the preliminary design stage. This can include:

• Determine the best approach to solving the customer’s requirements through standard products, modified products, or development of a customized system that could ultimately become a standard product
• A thorough review of the architect’s plans and specifications
• Provide cost / benefit analysis for alternative approaches through value engineering
• Provide preliminary application engineering analysis
• L&CPT Develop concept / proposal drawings and provide CAD details for architectural drawings

2. Estimating & Quotation
SOLICO SKYLIGHTS estimating team can assist customers in every aspect of the bidding process, from budgets through final quotation. Preliminary designs can continue to be reviewed and refined. A thorough application engineering review is prepared for each estimate. To ensure that high quality products can be produced at competitive prices, the architect’s design intent and the customer’s installation approach are considered for each cost analysis, resulting in a clearly defined quotation.

3. Design Finalization and Approvals
Once the design is finalized and approved, Solico proceeds with the preparation of the cutting list for both the SKYLIGHTS elements as well as the glass panels. This will insure that the product quality will be consistent as well as increase our production capacity enabling us to meet the shortest deadline to proceed with Installation works.

4. Project Management
A SOLICO SKYLIGHTS project manager is assigned to assure the highest level of service from contract award through shop drawings, project engineering, material take-off, factory coordination, shipping and project close-out.

5. Installation Support
SOLICO SKYLIGHTS has the ability to assist customers with the development of proper installation methods for standard, modified, and custom conditions. These services include providing installation instructions, tag drawings, and field technical support when necessary. SOLICO SKYLIGHTS also supports project specific laboratory and field testing dependant on the specific materials requirements. Solico SKYLIGHTS also offers a full installation solution, where we would submit a method statement for our installation works for approval. Once the method statement is approved we then proceed with installation and handing over.

6. Testing
Our products have undergone vigorous testing in Middle East complying all International Standards and giving a Certificate of Compliance. These tests guarantees our products against water leakage, wind load etc.

Sequence of Testing
Testing shall be in the sequence as listed below

• Air Infiltration and Exfiltration
• Water penetration under static air pressure
• Water penetration under dynamic air pressure
• Wind resistance – serviceability (design wind load)
• Repeat water penetration under static air pressure
• Thermal cycling regime
• Repeat air Infiltration and Exfiltration
• Wind resistance – safety (1.5 times design wind load)
• Controlled dismandling

7. After Sales Service
Solico will retain for 10 years the cutting list for the project aluminum section and glass enabling us to respond immediately to any service call in the event any section or glass is damaged. We will moreover keep a limited stock of profile and glass available for fast emergency service calls.

The company driven by quality
Included in every product and service, of course, is the hallmark of SOLICO SKYLIGHTS: Quality you can count on for performance, for sustainability, and for ease of installation.

To provide years of dependable use, your new building must have excellence built-in from the beginning. All production processes at SOLICO SKYLIGHTS are vertically integrated in one location to ensure control of quality, delivery and cost. Special or modified products, as well as SOLICO SKYLIGHTS standard products, are produced at the company’s Dubai, factory, continuously acquiring the latest and most technologically advanced equipment to complement our state of the art manufacturing facilities in Dubai.

“DRIVEN by QUALITY” is not a slogan it is the very ethos by which our company operates. For this reason we are committed to providing the most qualified staff, who engineer quality into the product with all the materials, actions and processes that go into the product. SOLICO SKYLIGHTS quality is clearly evident in the materials that reach our customers and further proven when installed on your project.

SOLICO SKYLIGHTS’ Project Business Group is a team with special expertise for solving any aspect of a customer’s unique challenges. The group’s services begin early in design phases and extend through the project’s installation.

SOLICO SKYLIGHTS considers each developers special product requirements to comply with relevant local regulations such as high velocity wind zones or other local requirements. SOLICO SKYLIGHTS will develop and test custom, integrated systems to comply with a given code’s requirements.