SOLICO SKYLIGHTS’ ethos “DRIVEN by QUALITY” is the driver that results in the production of exceptional product quality delivered to our customers through each and every one of our services to you. Combined with this and our “Hallmark” reputation in the market to dedication and repeatable sustainable results ensures that it is this service we will deliver to you on your projects.

SOLICO SKYLIGHTS engineers Quality into your project from our all encompassing range of product design, selection and post-sale services we carry out for architects, building owners, glazing contractors and multinational corporate projects developers.

SOLICO SKYLIGHTS has in all the years of its operations been proactive in locating and securing the technology, materials and practices that continually ensures that you our customers are provided with the latest and most competitive finishes available for your projects through the following services:

• Preliminary Design
• Estimations & Quotations
• Design Finalization
• Project Management
• Installation
• After Sales Services