From our early beginnings in 1966 in the U.A.E. the objective has been to provide leading edge systems and products to meet the most demanding requirements of design and engineering with application specific materials to meet the demands of the most discerning developers, designers, architects and engineers.We can present a solution for every skylight requirement. In addition to our own skylight brands we have strong relationships with every major manufacturer in the industry.

In today’s fast paced world, the deciding factor that ensures achievement of the end result required by the developer, designer and architect, is the quality of the design, materials and installation ensuring perfection of the finished work.

By approaching every project with professionalism, craftmanship, dependability and the highest levels of quality control, Solico Skylights is always commited on providing the best for our customers.

SOLICO SKYLIGHTS is therefore committed to continually provide the latest technologies and complimentary materials in order to deliver a finish in keeping with the projects aspirations. Our partners are World Leaders in their fields providing continuous innovation and product development in every aspect of the Skylights Architectural Industry meeting the ever demanding requirements of you, our customer.